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It's not clean until it is "Cindy Clean!"

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A message from Cindy . . .

I am a life long Big Country resident, wife and mother.

I love family and all that goes into making a happy home. My joy has been to be a stay at home mom and to create a loving, happy and inviting home. I have always thought that having a clean and fresh home helps to create that feeling of home. The thought of Cindy Clean! came about as most business ventures, as a way to help my family but also as a way to help other families.

I know that some moms stay home and some enjoy a career outside the home, but that all moms want the best for their family. Everyone wants a clean fresh home but when you work, have a hundred things to do, plus activities for everyone in the family - choices have to be made. I want to help families with those choices! I want busy moms and everyone else to have more family and personal time without giving up a clean home.

Choices are also part of why I started Cindy Clean! I know that there are many stay at home moms that want to earn some extra money but need to work during school time hours or be able to work a flexible schedule. These moms want good enough pay to make their time worthwhile but usually seek only part-time work. I wanted to create a way to help these moms with their needs in such a way that they do not have to sacrifice time with their families to earn that extra money!

That is the vision of Cindy Clean! To help moms, dads, and everyone enjoy the important aspects of family life - the family! Whether you are a working mom, stay at home mom, a single dad, grandparents, or a family of one - Cindy Clean! is the company that was started to help you!

Call to schedule your free home or business evaluation at (800) 914-4670 (Abilene Ext. 1)
Evaluations outside of Abilene may incur a small travel fee.