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Cindy Clean! Maid Service!


A maid for a morning, an afternoon, a day, week, or more!



Sometimes you may need less cleaning and more attention in other areas that our home cleaning service does not provide. With Cindy Clean! Maid Service your home can receive a basic clean plus have your laundry done, dishwasher emptied, and every bed made! You choose the services and the time frame, we do the work!

Rates –

Two hour minimum.

$35.00 per hour for the first two hours.

$30.00 each hour after first two.

If service is requested more than one day a week, all additional time after minimum is met will be $30.00 per hour. We cannot book service for less than 2 hours.


Services* –

Client’s choice!

Your equipment and products or ours. Clients must provide all laundry and dishwashing products.


General cleaning and dusting**

Wash dishes, fill or empty dishwasher, put away dishes

Clean interior of refrigerator

Laundry – Wash, dry, fold, and put away

Change and make beds

Clean inside closets

Vacuum furniture

All that your maid can reasonably accomplish in the scheduled time. ***


*Services needed must be given at time of booking. Any request for additional services or time during time of service must be approved by manager.

**For deeper cleaning our regular cleaning service may be required prior to maid service.

*** Maid Service is deisgned for extra services not to more cheaply clean an entire house.

Non- service items –

Outdoor work (other than sweeping main outdoor entry area.)

Tending plants


Answering of phone

Cleaning Windows



Maintenance or repair work

Furniture moving/ rearranging rooms, closets, etc.

Running of errands

Washing of vehicles

Hanging of curtains, pictures, or other items

Cleaning inside of curio cabinets or other display fixtures.

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At this time we can only place new customers on a waiting list. As soon as we have a schedule change or a cancellation we will contact you. Thank you for your patience.